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Ave.Lopez Mateos sur 848,Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Mexico CP 32350

(656 ) 639-1505, (656 ) 271-6569 - Ciudad Juarez
01-800-017-2020- Mexico
915-239-0204 - United States

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    • We appreciate your trust in us. We thankyou for believing in our experience as well as our trajectory
    • You can be sure that in our clinic you will receive the best and most advanced medical and surgical treatment
    • Our clinic specializes in treating vision problems such as near-sightedness (myopia),Far sightedness astigmatism and cataracts.
    • Welcome to our clinic, I am at your request for any questions you might have,or any additional information you might want to know; I hope to meet you soon,greetings:
  • Dr.Roberto Magallanes
  • -General Director